Rivals Breeding Rivals: These Are Challenge's Fieriest In-Game Confrontations

The series invites existing enemies, but it has produced its own too.

Forcing preexisting enemies to work together is the name of the game when it comes to The Challenge: Rivals series -- creating new enemies just happens to be an entertaining corollary.

Since the show’s first go-around, which premiered in 2011, Rivals has proven that it’s just as likely to break bonds as it is to compound the already-fractured. Sure, Jasmine and Jonna walked on eggshells as teammates, but who could forget Jasmine’s Rivals-fueled blowout with Theresa? And just because Kenny and Wes butted heads as partners didn’t make Wes any less inclined to stir up additional drama with Cara Maria. If you walk into Rivals with one enemy, you’re likely to leave having at least doubled the statistic. Isn’t math fun?

When the third iteration of Rivals premieres next month, it will -- for the first time -- pair men and women adversaries together as two-person teams. Boasting powder-keg duos like Bananas/Sarah and Johnny/Jessica, the game has some guaranteed fireworks in store, but by the time the winners are named, we’ll likely have a whole new slew of mutual foes on our hands. Rivals IV, anyone?

Below, we’ve rounded up some beautiful proof that Rivals is, itself, a hotbed for fresh antagonism. Check out the best examples of Rivals breeding rivals below, and stay tuned for the premiere of Rivals III on May 4 at 10/9c!

  • Jasmine/Theresa, Rivals

    There was a point at which Jasmine herself would have loved to pummel Rivals teammate Jonna, but when she saw J taking flak from Camila, she intervened. Then Camila’s teammate Theresa followed suit, and soon, it was Jasmine and Theresa who found themselves in fiery warfare with one innocent mirror left as infamous collateral damage. When Rivals II was announced, this was the game’s first sure thing.

  • Anastasia/CT, Rivals II

    Lesson learned: If you make a fool out of Bird, you’re gonna get burned. When Ana got word that CT was denying they’d ever hooked up, she went ballistic on the eventual winner’s ass and delivered a series of kicks that would have had the karate kid himself seeking consultation.

  • Nany/Diem, Rivals II

    After Diem got the impression that her ex CT was flirting with Nany, she decided to channel her anger into art and allegedly penned a rap tearing the Real World: Las Vegas alum to shreds. Diem denied having done it when Nany confronted her, but the damage was done, and Diem’s trustworthy reputation began to evaporate among the competition’s women.

  • Frank/CT, Rivals II

    CT had little rest between blowouts during Rivals II. One night, Frank began to press CT for information about his relationship with Diem in light of CT’s rumored tryst with Anastasia, and when CT shut Frank out, the Real World: San Diego alum got pissed. The two hotheads were eventually separated, but for a second, it looked like we were in for a second coming of CT vs. Adam a la Duel II.

  • Paula/Laurel, Rivals

    A word of advice: Never wind up on Laurel’s bad side. Once reciprocal antagonists, Laurel and Cara Maria evolved into sisters on Rivals, and when Laurel got word that Paula had been taunting Cara Maria toward the game’s end, she put her foot down in decisively aggressive form, calling Paula a “reject,” mocking her fake breasts and insisting there was a reason she was a single thirty-something. “I want you to cry, because you’re worthless,” Laurel concluded.

  • Trishelle/Aneesa, Rivals II

    For the many senseless arguments that have erupted across the Challenge landscape, this one takes the nonsense cake. When Marlon acknowledged his sexuality was a little bit less than straight, Aneesa swooped in to offer her support. For some strange reason, this irritated Trishelle, who proceeded to criticize Aneesa, inviting a very deserved “Trashelle”-themed counterstrike from Aneesa.

  • Jordan/Frank, Rivals II

    It was as simple as this: Frank and Johnny urged the game’s girls to vote Jordan and Marlon into The Jungle, and Jordan, who overheard the conversation, confronted Frank. Frank, who’s got a latent allergy to being undermined, reflexively flipped out and proved the Frankout was alive and well in Thailand.