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Eddie Redmayne's Hogwarts Report Card

How did Redmayne really fare in Care of Magical Creatures?

We already have definite proof that Eddie Redmayne is a Hufflepuff. Similar to his Fantastic Beasts character Newt Scamander, Redmayne exudes Hufflepuffian potential. His personable nature, fierce loyalty, and dedicated work ethic make him an obvious choice for the most egregiously undermined house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (Hufflepuffs aren't all sweet and slow like molasses, you know.)

In fact, like precious cinnamon roll Cedric Diggory before him, we can't think of a better person to represent Hufflepuff at this year's MTV Movie Awards. This Sunday, April 10, Redmayne will debut an exclusive sneak peek of his anticipated new film Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them at the MTV Movie Awards, and while we couldn't be more excited to check out some new footage of magizoologist Newt Scamander in action, we're even more hype to see a Hufflepuff take center stage.

Not to mention, Redmayne takes his wizardry very seriously. Most people probably don't know that when he agreed to take on the role, he enrolled in the standard Hogwarts fifth-year curriculum to get the hang of casting spells, handling magical creatures, and brewing potions before production on Fantastic Beasts commenced. So meta.

MTV has obtained a copy of Redmayne's Hogwarts report card. While the details of Newt's tenure at Hogwarts might still be TBD, at least we can check in on Redmayne's progress.

  • Astronomy

    Despite occasionally dazing off to gaze at the stars, both his essays and knowledge of the subject are very strong. Although, the way he constantly bites his lip as he's reading is very distracting.

    Grade: E

  • Charms

    The student shows sharp wandwork and complete devotion to the subject. Mr. Redmayne has excelled far beyond his peers. Excellent work!

    Grade: O

  • Defense Against The Dark Arts

    He's not one for dueling, but his tireless effort does not go unnoticed.

    Grade: A

  • Herbology

    Mr. Redmayne understands the subject well and is often keen to participate in class. He can successfully and practically apply the material. His methods are extremely precise.

    Grade: O

  • History of Magic

    The student's insatiable appetite for the subject matter is frankly refreshing. He is prompt and attentive. Mr. Redmayne shows the most promise of any student I have thus far encountered, which is quite remarkable considering that I have been teaching for several centuries. The only student who may rival Mr. Redmayne's promise is a bright young witch I had the pleasure of teaching before the Second Wizarding War. Miss Grant was a sharp... [continued on back].

    Grade: O

  • Potions

    Mr. Redmayne gets a great kick out of making his potions bubble. The very sounds makes his entire face light up in absolute, unabashed joy. That being said, his incessant giggling during class can be distracting for other students. Despite it, his potions are fine.

    Grade: A

  • Transfiguration

    The student exhibits remarkable understanding and mastery of the subject. His technical skills are quite impressive, and he shows a promising interest in Metamorphagi. His attempts to transform into a bouncy, adorable puppy are often successful -- and really quite cute.

    Grade: O

  • Care of Magical Creatures

    Outstanding progress and excellent participation in class. He shows a key interest in handling woodland creatures, particularly unicorns. It's almost like he feels at home among their uniquely vivid majesty.

    Grade: O

  • Muggle Studies

    His knowledge of the posh Muggle lifestyle is unparalleled.

    Grade: O