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Which World-Saving Will Smith Movie Character Are You? [Quiz]

Smith is the epitome of heroism. Are you?

Very recently, we challenged you to remember all the lyrics to Will Smith's groovalicious 1997 hit "Men In Black," and you did OK! Unless you didn't, in which case you should definitely go back and re-listen (and jam out and dance forever). The movie Men In Black features a reluctantly heroic Smith battling extraterrestrials to defend the planet -- something he's become a pro at by now.

In fact, any time Smith is on screen, he's probably saving the world. That's just how it goes; even if he's not punching aliens or running from robots, he's fighting to raise awareness of increased brain damage among football players in Concussion. That's part of the reason why, at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, Smith is receiving the Generation Award -- and also partly why we made this quiz: To help you finally become the heroic movie-version Will Smith you always knew you could be.

So, which one are you?