Faking It Affairs: Liam Just Moved On To Yet Another Girl

Sorry, Karma -- the Hester High hunk has a hot date with Rachel.

Liam hasn't exactly been subtle about his feelings for Karma, and the hopes of Kiam fans everywhere died a little during tonight's episode of Faking It when the artist at heart accepted a date with his boss supervisor Rachel.

But... wait! Isn't it all just a misunderstanding? Fresh off a breakup with Zita, Liam kissed Karma shortly before she hit the stage and left her with this: "Have your moment, and then after, if you think it's our moment, then meet me back here and we'll figure it out." Before Karma could "figure it out with Liam" — assuming she even wanted to — she got a call that her dad was in the hospital. And this happened:

Our emotions could barely handle it — an unexpected Karmy reconciliation (JOY) coupled with K's dear old dad fighting for his life (ALL OF THE TEARS). Meanwhile, a rejected Liam took solace in the fact that his endearingly awkward coworker has the hots for him.  

That Liam... always dating his coworkers. (Er, unless it's Karma.) And then the sneak peek hit us. Could it be? It appears that Liam's future rendezvous with Rachel becomes a "sex date" — we're not sure what that means but it sounds like a recipe for chlamydia — and she's the daughter of a rabbi. She's Jewish! Just like Liam these days!

Time will tell whether a Kiam or Riam relationship reigns supreme -- after all, it's often tough to know what Karma is thinking. Watch it all go down next Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c!