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Proof That Zendaya Is Better At Makeup Than All Of Us

Where's our tutorial??

Zendaya's been known to get down and dirty with hair and makeup, trying out just about every beauty look known to man. So we shouldn't be surprised when she shows up on a red carpet with her makeup -- which she sometimes does herself -- looking really, really good.

First, she attended the premiere of the new HBO film "Confirmation." Z posted a photo of her ~lewk~ for the night and included the hashtag #beatbymeeeeeeee, which, how? Look at those brows!

Later, she rocked a very smoky eye at the GLAAD Media Awards, also noting on Instagram: #beatbymuuaahh.

And finally, she did her own makeup (again) for the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

At 19, Zendaya is better at makeup than probably, well, everyone, and I would like to know how and why. This is my formal request for a makeup tutorial for all of us who would like to be better. Your move, Z.