Erik Madigan Heck/@papermagazine

Kylie Jenner Reveals The Moment She Decided To Start Making Lip Kits

We're forever grateful

Kylie Jenner is on her way to being a kosmetics kween, but when did her infatuation with beauty really start? A lot of people are curious, and luckily Paper magazine opened up its Kylie cover story interview to the masses, resulting in a lot of lip kit secrets.

Through an Instagram DM interview, @googledimage asked Kylie, "When was the last time you cried?" And if you think it was over Tyga, pls leave.

"Um, I don't even remember. I think it was from happiness," she said. "I think I cried at one of my launches recently of my lip kits. I had had some issues before that and I was so happy that everything went so smoothly and I was just crying so hard with my mom."

While lip kits seem like a no-brainer business venture for Kylie, it took a few moments of revelation for her to finally get them going.

"I was going to MAC and Sephora and I'd try to buy my lipstick and the girls working there would be like, 'Kylie, everyone comes in asking what color you use. Everything's sold out -- I'm sorry!" They were like, "These people should be paying you! Everyone comes in and asks for your color.' And then the Kylie Jenner makeup tutorials started coming and it became a big thing. I feel like that's when I really realized."

And they've been sold out ever since.

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