QUIZ: Can You ID The Game Of Thrones Season Based On Khaleesi's Dresses?

Three dragons and infinite steeze

There's a lot to look forward to when Game of Thrones returns to HBO for a sixth season this month, like some actual, concrete resolution to the Jon Snow cliffhanger kerfuffle, the inevitable fandemonium uproar that will follow if and when the series finally loses track of its as-yet-unpublished literary counterpart, and, of course, the endless fashion savvy of Danaerys Targaryen, our forever Khaleesi.

Assuming Dany escapes the Dothraki khalasar in one piece (we'd bet the Iron Bank of Braavos that she'll manage it, even if she shouldn't), the Mother of Dragons is sure to shake off all that soot and get back to her signature style-slaying, and we cannot wait to see what lovely looks the GoT cosplayers will be emulating next.

Ever since she first came onto the scene as the sweet sister whom Viserys has conscripted to wifely duty for Khal Drogo in return for use of his troops, the lady Stormborn has been straight fire (partially why she's immune to burns, no doubt) with her fashions. So much so that there are several episodes in which her wardrobe pretty much stole the whole show.

In celebration of her probable return to queenliness in Season 6, we wanted to test your memory of Khaleesi's gowns with this Game of Threads to see just how seared into your series memory her sartorial selections really are by having you identify the season based only on her dresses (PSA: No peeing contests necessary for this challenge).