11 Times Zoey Was Totally Clueless About Chase’s Feelings On Zoey 101

Chase and Zoey will always be our OTP

From the moment Zoey Brooks (Jamie Lynn Spears) stepped foot onto the campus of Pacific Coast Academy, Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn) was in love with her. But for some reason, Zoey never had a clue.

Dan Schneider's hit show Zoey 101 introduced us to the saga that was Zoey and Chase's relationship, which detailed Chase's incessant pining after Zoey, Zoey's total cluelessness, and one super important time capsule. In honor of Spears's 25th birthday today (April 4), let's re-examine all the times Zoey had zero idea Chase was ~in love~ with her.

  1. When Chase took one look at zoey and then ran into a pole

    From the show's very first episode, Chase tried (and failed) to be cool around Zoey. In the pilot, he awkwardly joked about bleeding and moldy sandwiches, and even offered to show Zoey around campus less than two minutes after meeting her. Wake up and smell the Chase, Zoey. That boy is smitten.

  2. When Chase basically stalked Zoey to get all her survey answers so they'd be paired up at the dance

    True, it was super pathetic, Chase, but Zoeyyyyy. You seriously asked him, "Why would you go through all that trouble just to go with me to a stupid dance?," and then actually bought his whole, "I wanted to protect you from jerks at our school, blah blah blah" reason. No.

  3. When Chase was way too eager to kiss Zoey

    Remember the time Trisha (Jennette McCurdy) demanded Chase and Zoey kiss to prove that A) they were actually a couple, and B) Chase couldn't be with Trisha? After it all fell apart, Chase still urged the kiss to happen, but Zoey was all, "LOL, gotta go." Girl, that was your moment and you didn't seize it. Shameful.

  4. When Chase practically begged Zoey to tell him what she said in her time capsule video

    Thankfully, we now know the answer to this decade-long question. Before that, however, Chase did some late-night digging to find out what she said, but then realized, "Too serious, bro," and put it back. Of course, Zoey didn't realize that Chase wanted to find out if she ~loved~ him. Zoey, I feel like a broken record right now.

  5. When Chase tried to sabotage Zoey and Logan's kiss during the play

    After Zoey was supposed to quit the play because she didn't want to kiss Logan (Matthew Underwood), she not only starred in the play, but actually liked spending time with him. Chase was super pissed (obviously) and Captain Oblivious (Zoey) had zero idea why. *Sigh*

  6. When Chase stole Zoey's Tekmate and then acted super sketchy about it

    Oh gee, I wonder why a boy would go to so much trouble to steal a phone and stop a girl from seeing a text he sent accidentally? Hmm. Zoey, it was obvious to literally everyone on the entire planet but you.

  7. When Zoey's roommates flat out told her Chase loved her and she was just in denial

    Lola (Victoria Justice) and Quinn (Erin Sanders) made it abundantly clear that Chase loved Zoey, and yet Zoey was all like, "Omg guys, we're just friends, wyd." She still didn't get it. Tragic.

  8. When Chase spent 24 hours learning how to dance so Zoey wouldn't haven't to quit the contest

    Of course, he accidentally slept through the contest because he was so exhausted, but Zoey thought he was super sweet anyway. Yeah, girl, BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU.

  9. When Chase was completely forward about seeing Zoey in a swimsuit, and she didn't even notice

    Since she was so preoccupied with beating Lola and landing the cover of Buzz, Zoey totally missed the point of Chase's ~suave~ swimsuit line. Lord almighty, Zoey. What are we gonna do with you?

  10. When Chase acted like he didn't care Zoey was leaving for London

    To be fair, Chase was a complete asshole during this whole scene, but putting that aside for a sec, Zoey had no clue as to why he'd be pissed she was going to London without even telling him.

  11. When the entire Internet hounded Spears's social media accounts, demanding she go find Chase, a.k.a. her soulmate

    After the #WhatDidZoeySay video dropped, countless fans commented on Spears's Instagram pics and tweets, urging the poor girl to go and find a fictional character that was fictionally in love with her. And she didn't comment on the whole shebang until a few weeks later.