Erik Madigan Heck/Paper

Kylie Jenner Is An Actual Plastic Doll On The Cover Of Paper Magazine

Kylie, is that you??

It was only a matter of time until an Instagram pic of Kylie Jenner made its way onto the cover of a magazine. The folks at Paper took it one step further, crafting their own 'gram for the mag's latest cover, declaring it "The Next Jenneration with Kylie Jenner."

It make take a few glances before you realize that actually is Kylie on the cover, in a bright pink lip and matching plastic wig. And before you go assuming Kylie has completely distorted her face, she clarified on Instagram that her "eyes and lips are edited to look bigger," so everyone can chill.

The "YOUth" issue, which hits newsstands April 12, highlights young creatives and "the art, music, fashion and entertainment leaders of today (and tomorrow)." Who better to lead the pack than King Kylie?