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This Little Girl Don't Want No Scrub, Refuses To Dance With Three-Timing Partner

This little girl knows what's up

We've all been there: flirting with someone for what seems like forever, and just when you think you're going to close the deal with a new bae, they move on to another. 💔

It's crap, it's unfair, and yes, a lot of us have acted like the wee one you're about to see.

Alliteratively titled YouTube channel Kyoot Kids uploaded an adorable video titled "Dance Diva" where one little girl refuses to dance with a little boy partner during a recital. He, also adorably, is exasperated by the whole thing.

But why should she have to dance with him? It looks to me she thought the dynamics of the situation weren't to her liking. So, at the ripe old age of probably under 10, she stood up for her self-respect. That took me at least 20 more years, so good for her.

Watch the cute video below.

H/T Mashable