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How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To Will Smith's 'Men In Black'? [Quiz]

If they let you remember, of course

At this point, Will Smith has saved the planet in a large percentage of his feature films. For a while there, that's kinda all he did. In Independence Day and I, Robot and Hancock, Smith was the preeminent savior we could count on to defend us against planetary threats of all nefarious natures. But for my money, Smith's charming role as Agent J in the Men In Black trilogy outshines all the others. (That's partly why Will is receiving the Generation Award at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, FYI.)

The dude also created infectious theme music for the first two films, so, like, how could he not be the kind of savior we need? The very first MIB film, though, had the best song: a fun, bouncy four minutes of icy post-disco samples called, appropriately enough, "Men In Black." It's been 19 years since the song (and the movie) came out. How well do you remember the words?