Random AF Questions Harry Styles Has Asked His Twitter Followers

All the love?

Although Harry Styles hasn't always been the most active on Twitter lately -- probably due to his well-deserved time off during the seemingly never-ending One Direction hiatus -- he has amassed quite an archive of interesting convos and hilarious declarations.

In short, Harry is a deep guy. A little mysterious, oddly funny, but also pretty vague, especially when it comes to tweeting.

When he's not posting special messages or lyrics, he poses super random questions to his followers, like so:

  • Harry knows how to begin a friendly discourse.
  • He asks for his followers opinions on vegetables...
  • and desserts.
  • If you don't like Boyz II Men delete your account.
  • He wonders about common names...
  • and common household appliances.
  • He cares about your breakfast preferences...
  • ...and wonders how he gets food on himself.
  • He checks to make sure he's not the only one who stumbles on bizarre real-life incidents
  • And he needs his oral hygiene habits to be validated
  • Harry asks if his NYC food cart trips are too excessive
  • ...and kinda-sorta judges you for your video collection.
  • But when he took his questions out into the real world he got sassed in return.