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Zayn Stole One Of Gigi Hadid's Trademark Looks

We see you, Zayn

There's no denying Zayn's style has evolved since his One Direction days, and, as of late, there's no denying he's picking up some fashion tips from his girlfriend, who just so happens to be one of the biggest models in the world. Dating a model has its perks, eh?

(I wouldn't know.)

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Though he's been laying low since the release of Mind Of Mine, Zayn was recently spotted out in head-to-ankle green. Though most of his outfit is a tracksuit — how sporty, Z! — he wore a green coat on top of the hoodie, a deliberate monochromatic choice. It was a page straight out of Gigi Hadid's style book.

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Whether she's sporting a casual groutfit or a dressed up nude look, Gigi is the queen of wearing one color from head-to-toe. Gigi and Zayn have coordinated looks and shared clothes before, but this is a little more serious — sharing, like, overall aesthetics is not something to take lightly.

Fingers crossed that next time they're out together they're both wearing, like, head-to-toe pink. I can dream, right?