Aaron Carter’s First Video In 10 Years Is Here And We Have A Lot Of Questions

Will 2016 be the year of the Carter comeback?

Aaron Carter is primed for a comeback, and he starts today with a brand new video for his new single “Fool’s Gold."

“Fool’s Gold” is the younger Carter’s first new set of visuals in over 10 years (his last, “Saturday Night,” dropped in 2005). It’s definitely an attempt to establish the “Aaron’s Party” star as a serious adult artist, but, uh, we have some questions about this whole new identity.

The video features kaleidoscopic imagery of women dancing, as well as numerous shots of Carter singing directly into the camera with fully adult seriousness. Oh, and he plays his keyboard tattoo like it’s a real keyboard.

Who is his mysterious love interest? Why do they have to be painted black and gold to make out? Are those Yeezy Boosts he’s wearing, or knock-offs? Why do certain shadowy shots look like the poster for The Human Centipede (First Sequence)? Where'd he get that scar between his eyes? Is Carter’s neck tattoo real? Are Carter’s cheekbones real? Is he real? Am I real? Are you real?

Carter will release his fifth album LøVë via his own label Rakkaus Records sometime later this year. Maybe then he’ll have some answers for us.