Halsey's Early Music Videos Are So Cinematic, They Deserve A Movie Award

Can we get a Golden Popcorn for the Badlands singer?

"I wanted my music to be cinematic."

These are the words Halsey used to describe her debut EP, Room 93, in a 2014 interview with Noisey. It's fitting, then, that the "Colors" singer is taking the stage at the MTV Movie Awards airing Sunday, April 10 at 8/7c. She'll perform "Castle," from The Huntsman: Winter’s War, live for the first time ever.

So how do you make music cinematic? You film a music video, of course.

"I didn’t feel like my project was complete unless there was a visual aspect to it," Halsey continued. "I wanted all of the songs to sound visual: I wanted to evoke imagery and do justice to the lyrical quality of the songs. I started writing the storylines before the songs were even finished."

Halsey made four videos from Room 93: "Trouble" (above), "Hurricane," "Ghost," and "Empty Gold." The first three all take place in the same hotel room, number 93.

"There are three separate couples that are all different ages and are all connected to the room, which lends this supernatural quality," Halsey explained in same 2014 interview. "Then there’s a more sadistic, violent couple -- that’s the polar-opposite 'Hurricane.' All of the videos end up connecting: the ghosts of the 'Hurricane' video are the ghosts that are haunting the characters in the 'Ghost' video."

Halsey's early music videos tell a story about a room haunted by the memories of couples who once laughed, kissed, loved, and fought there. It all began with "Hurricane," released in October 2014.

Then "Ghost" came along five days later to wrap up the tale. Halsey starred in the video this time, playing a girlfriend who hides out in the hotel with her boyfriend. Life happens, and the ending is beautifully dark and twisted.

(Side note: Another "Ghost" music video came out in June 2015, but this is the Room 93 version.)

When you put all of Halsey's videos from this time period together, you watch the plot unfold just like a movie -- a "short dramatic film" were her exact words, to be precise.

It's clear that Halsey isn't just a singer. She's a storyteller, you guys. And that's what will make her Movie Awards performance even more special.