Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Watch As Drake Lyrics Get Brilliantly Mashed Up With Degrassi Scenes

Guess which scene 'Shot For Me' plays over? JUST GUESS.

It’s been seven years since Drake last rolled through the halls of Degrassi Community School, but to teen soap opera enthusiasts, he’ll always be Jimmy Brooks.

For fans who grew up watching Drizzy on Degrassi, it’s sometimes hard to reconcile the idea that sweet Wheelchair Jimmy is the same dude who now grinds on Rihanna and bodies Meek Mill on the daily. But a new mashup is here to remind us Drake and Jimmy really aren’t that different after all.

In the clever video from Uproxx, lyrics from some of Drake’s most popular hits are played over scenes from the Canadian soap. “I’m tryna bring it home, even if I gotta do it on my own,” Drake sings as Jimmy scores a game-winning basket. There’s also “Back to Back” soundtracking a fight between Jimmy and Spinner, and a montage of Jimmy making moves on his most memorable girlfriends as he sings about “telling every girl she the one for me.” (#TeamTrina forever, amirite?)

The real kicker, though, is “Shot For Me” playing during THAT scene from the episode “Time Stands Still.” Is it “too soon,” the vid asks? YES. YES, IT MOST DEFINITELY IS. 😭


Check out the vid here.