Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Joe Jonas Does The Worst Possible British Accent While Prank-Calling Hailee Steinfeld

Watch as Joe continues his streak of odd April Fools' Day pranks on Haiz.

April Fools’ Day isn’t for two more days, but Hailee Steinfeld’s already found herself at the receiving end of a peculiar prank masterminded by one Joe Jonas.

After Joe’s band DNCE collaborated with Hailee on her intense power ballad “Rock Bottom,” he lightened things up by crashing her interview on Australian radio show Smallzy’s Surgery on Tuesday. Guising himself as a fan named “Harry” who called in to ask Hailee a couple of questions, Joe imitated what’s possibly the worst British accent on the planet while requesting she send him his toenail clippings in the mail.

“Is this for real?!” Hailee asked, equal parts flustered and tickled.

Joe (er, “Harry”) then asked, “What was it like working with DNCE and that Joe Jonas?”

"It was really great," she responded. "I had a wonderful time collaborating with them. I love Joe and the band. Yeah.”

The clever 19-year-old soon sensed something was amiss, though, and sarcastically continued, "I think they took a lot away from it, actually. You know, Joe sings the whole second verse, which means I'm not singing it, so that kinda sucks, but whatever.”

This is hardly the first time Joe’s tried to pull a fast one on Hailee. Last year on April Fools’ Day, he tweeted an ultrasound photo of a baby, writing, “So happy to announce @HaileeSteinfeld and I are expecting our first.”

The only question is, Will Hailee finally retaliate and prank Joe this year? We think it's high time, Haiz.