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How Can Justin Bieber Pay Back Fans For All Those Canceled Meet-And-Greets?

We have some ideas

Last week, Justin Bieber canceled all scheduled meet-and-greets on the Purpose tour, leaving a lot of fans with a $2,000 credit card bill and no Biebs selfie to show for it.

According to a screenshot of the terms and conditions of the Purpose tour VIP packages, Beliebers can’t get their money back from the meet-and-greets unless they give up the packages entirely — concert ticket included. Buying into the backstage pass was an all-or-nothing deal, and now that Justin isn’t feeling up to his end, the fans are out of luck.

It’s understandable that meeting fans every night could be draining; it’s tough to act like a superhero for people when you don’t feel like one. But there are other ways Justin could pay people back for their considerable financial investment in his presence.

For example...

  1. He could follow you back on Twitter

    It’s easy to buy Twitter followers by the thousands, but one authentic Justin follow is worth a million eggs.

  2. 2. He could actually create a private Insta with VIP-exclusive content

    If he can’t take selfies with every fan, at least he can share extra selfies with those who have committed to the cause.

  3. 3. He could demo new music exclusively for the VIPs
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    OK, it would leak instantly, but c’mon, man: $2,000.

  4. 4. He could confirm his relationship status

    Only his inner circle of VIP Beliebers would know, and I’m sure they’d never tell.

  5. 5. He could donate that extra 2K per person to a mental health organization

    It’s not exactly a refund, but plenty of people struggle with depression just like Justin, and it would be a meaningful gesture of good faith.

  6. 6. He could let the fans design his next tattoo by committee

    Is $2,000 enough to buy a few square inches of real estate on Justin Bieber?

  7. 7. He could play an exclusive acoustic set once the Purpose tour is over

    And the VIP ticket holders could stream it if they can’t make it out IRL.

  8. 8. He could give away the tour merch he’s been wearing onstage
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    He’s definitely going through enough of his own T-shirts for each fan to get their own.

  9. 9. He could give all his VIPs a rain check — or an actual refund

    Justin could invite them out to hang when he’s feeling less stressed. Or just, you know, change his tour’s ticketing policy and pay them back with money.