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Adele's Latest Onstage Guest Looks A Hell Of A Lot Like Her

Of course she invited her lookalike up for a selfie

Adele already met two of her vocal doppelgangers on tour, and now she’s met a fan who looks an awful lot like her.

Emily Bamfort, 27, got to share the stage with her lookalike during Adele’s Tuesday night (March 29) concert in Birmingham, U.K.. As she’s been known to do lately, Adele pulled Bamfort out of the crowd so the two could snap a photo together.

Emily Bamfort / Twitter

Bamfort’s fiancé, Tom Winkler, took his own selfie from the crowd, though his resemblance to Adele is somewhat less uncanny.

Apparently, Bamfort enjoyed hanging out with her golden-piped lookalike so much that she’s heading back for another Adele concert this evening.

We can't blame her.