Three Badass Women Shut Down This Guy After He Called Girls 'Clingy'

Do you need some ice for that burn, dude?

Ben had it coming. He should've taken a sec to look at his own messages before posting a way harsh Facebook status about "clingy ass girls."

As Stephanie Tanner would say, how rude! AND hypocritical, it turns out.

Though some dude named Greg supported Ben's mature and well thought-out statement (LOL), Jessica chimed in with a brilliant screenshot that really speaks for itself.

But let's give Ben the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he doesn't have as much of a "clingy ass" as Jessica's pic makes it seem. Enter Daphné:



Ben's one-sided conversation with Anika confirms that (1) he's a hypocrite and (2) he has no knowledge of texting etiquette. Sit down, Ben, and maybe think before you type another condescending Facebook status.

H/T Elite Daily