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Gigi Hadid Figured Out How To Wear Rihanna's Confusing Puma Sneakers

Gigi is an inspiration for the rest of us

When Rihanna unveiled The Trainer, the sneaker she designed for her Puma collection, we were intrigued, but confused. Between the extra-long tongue and lack of laces, it was unclear if the shoe was designed for some type of sport or just, like, fashion.

Unsurprisingly, there's at least one person who has figured out how to pull them off — Gigi Hadid (duh).

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Gigi — who is verrry familiar with Rih's Puma collection since she walked in the NYFW show — proved that the sneakers are totally wearable and, like most things, pair excellently with black. On Snapchat, Gigi suggested the sneakers were a gift from Rihanna, which... wow.

No wonder she's wearing them so proudly.

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