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This Kid's Handwritten Confession To A Soldier Is Definitely Not What Anyone Would Expect

Hey, kid: We have a few followup questions...

It's easy to talk to a stranger about your problems. That's why bartenders get an earful of everyone's issues while on the job. But who do you turn to if you're nowhere near drinking age?

Looks like a little kid turned to our servicemen and servicewomen in the armed forces.

Imgur user and "deployed service member" desiderata2012 uploaded the following photograph of a note, explaining, "I received this letter in the mail."

The hilarious letter, seemingly written by a kid named Christopher who likes video games and copious sticker application, starts off completely innocuous as a well-warranted and much-appreciated thank you for Robert the soldier's service to America.

But then, Chris needed to get something off his chest. And with absolutely no explanation, he does. Here's hoping little Chris has a fairy or an ogre or someone that can help him understand his mystical status. 💀

Read the note in full below.

It reads:

"Dear Robert,

Thank you for leaving your family to help protect America. My name is Christopher. I love video games! Hope you have a Merry Christmas. We're all proud of your bravery!

From, Chris

P.S. I'm a vampire."

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