MentalSewage / Reddit

This Kindergartner's Uncensored Test Answer Says Exactly What You're Thinking

It's so wrong, it's right

A badass kindergartner isn't afraid to tell it like it is, even if that involves cursing on her assignment. On Sunday, March 27, Reddit user and proud parent MentalSewage posted the following picture:

I mean, she's not technically wrong, right? The answer was supposed to be "this," as the word bank suggests, but "shit" is totally accurate too. There's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of cynicism at such a young age! 😂

And MentalSewage's daughter isn't the only kid who brilliantly interpreted her sight words assignment. According to teacher pipatastic, students correctly spelled "atoc" as "taco." (The offical answer was "coat," but let's be real, tacos > outerwear.)

Shout-out to all the students who don't bullshit around with their answers. 🙌

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