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11 Moments From The 2015 MTV Movie Awards We're Still Freaking Out About

A year later, we're still psyched about them

The 2016 MTV Movie Awards are just a few days away, and if we were any more pumped about all the fun to come, we'd probably burst into a zillion bits of smiley face confetti and cover the place in eeeep.

We may be a tad biased, but every year the Movie Awards are somehow even more jam-packed with indelible instances of awesome than the one before. And since last year's show was one for the ages -- with then-host Amy Schumer forcing our hands and knees to make fast, slap-happy friends thanks to all her dirty jokes, while others had us choking on feels and/or developing a wicked case of TMJ from all the jaw-droppage -- we've got a lot to look forward to on Sunday, April 10.

To prepare for the Kevin Hart and The Rock-led journey ahead, here's a reminder of all the 2015 MTVMA moments that still have us totally affected.

  1. Vin Diesel's heart-wrenching tribute to Paul Walker

    The watching world skipped a collective heartbeat when Vin Diesel paid vocal tribute to his lost Furious 7 "brother Pablo," Paul Walker, by way of Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again."

    It's been a year, but we're still sobbing over this moment pretty regularly, TBH.

  2. Rebel Wilson's Victoria's Secret angel strut

    Dare we say it? This look was pitch perfect for the occasion, har har. Now that the awful pun's out of the way, though, let's talk about what Rebel Wilson managed to pull off here with this VS runway redux that plastered the word "think" across her trunk in place of the brand's PINK logo.

    Not only did Rebel make a statement during her speech (that is, to apologize for flashing her nether region to the President of the United States in PP2), but her outfit also spoke volumes about which body part she most wants fans to draw pride from: the noggin.

  3. Amy Schumer and Amber Rose on the kiss cam

    Hands down the hottest, most unexpected kiss cam moment in the history of the kiss cam right there, and it marked the beginning of their wonderfully weird friendship that we really need to see more of right now.

  4. Channing Tatum's ability to twerk on command

    Gotta hand it to the guy for his willingness to step up (sorry, had to) to the plate when booty duty calls, especially when J.Lo, the long-reigning queen of all-things-hiney-related, is the requester.

  5. Zac Efron and Dave Franco groping each other

    Zefron's perpetual shirtlessness was practically the story of 2014's show, but with an assist from his Neighbors co-star and fellow Robert De Niro enthusiast Dave Franco, Zac managed to out-bod himself again with a back-and-forth grope session that, yes, went immediately below the belt.

    Cue the whole series of see no evil/hear no evil/speak no evil monkey emojis on repeat because WHOA there fellas.

  6. The Avengers taking a knee

    We always knew Robert Downey Jr. was the IRL superhero of the Avengers team, but we were still pretty emotional when RDJ got a literal bow of respect along with symbolic toast hands from his pals Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, and Chris Evans.

    We're planning to keep this image seared into the inside of our eyelids when Captain America's Civil War starts getting nasty because FAMILY.

  7. All the vagina jokes

    We're still bursting out in embarassingly random public chortles over Rebel's "rain in my spanx" bit. That's some next-level lady business humor.

  8. Fetty Wap and Fall Out Boy joining forces

    Who knew "Trap Queen" would be that much more interesting as a punk/hip-hop duet? Just sayin', we wouldn't exactly complain if Pete Wentz and Fetty decided to put together a quick collab EP after seeing them together.

  9. Kevin Hart bringing his babies to the stage to share in his glory

    Our 2016 MTV Movie Awards co-host extraordinaire made everyone within eyeshot go to grin with his two tiny helpers in tow. Especially when he credited them with the entirety of his professional motivation.

    BRB we've still got a little something in our eyes just remembering all the sweet.

  10. Miles Teller's #BFFGoals tribute to Shailene Woodley

    The Divergent series co-stars spent much of the night giving everyone warm and fuzzies (and maybe even a new 'shipping wishlist addition) after he waxed poetic about their wonderfully weird friendship on the stage while delivering the year's trailblazer award to her. Gusssssh.

    We're now fantastic four feature films deep into their shared filmography, but we just want more of these two sharing the screen/stage/smooches/all the things.

  11. Amy Schumer predicting her future friendship with Jennifer Lawrence
    Allen Berezovsky/WireImage

    Before they suddenly came together to form the girl squad to end all girl squads, Amy was slyly gaining sponsors for her soon-to-be connection with Jennifer Lawrence by impersonating (albeit badly) Katniss Everdeen's archery skills.

    Her dress even kinda sorta looked like something J-Law might've worn during the Hunger Games press tour. How's that for a girl on fire!

    The 2016 MTV Movie Awards will air on April 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Until then, check out the entire flipbook of last year's memorable moments right here.