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Kanye West Entered Full Dad Mode By Dressing Up As The Easter Bunny

And so did Tyga

Being a dad isn’t always glamorous, but Kanye West has embraced even the goofiest parts of fatherhood.

Kanye and Tyga celebrated Easter with the Kardashians and Jenners on Sunday (March 27), and they showed up to the holiday celebration dressed to the nines — in bunny costumes, that is.

Video taken from Kim Kardashian and Kyle Jenner’s Snapchats show Kanye and Tyga wearing white bunny suits for the kids, who absolutely love their getups.

It looks like Tyga is the one dabbing in the bunny costume with cartoon eyes, while Kanye’s costume has black eyes (you can tell by how literally all pants fit Kanye the same way, even rabbit pants).

Look at North's face! There is no purer delight than seeing your dad become Easter Incarnate.