Which 'Last Vegas' Cast Member Was 'Always Hungover'?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. However, that saying isn't applicable to "Last Vegas" stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro and Kevin Kline as they spilled the beans with an interview with MTV News.

In the movie, the foursome head to Las Vegas to throw an epic bachelor party for the last single member of their posse (Douglas). What happens when you mix four men of advancing age, booze, Viagra, and the bright lights of Sin City? You'll have to buy a ticket to see, but the actors indulged in sharing a few shenanigans from the set.

When the group was asked about what went down in the scene where the group judged a bikini contest, Douglas cleverly responded by saying "It went up!" with Freeman adding, "Lots of eye candy." Just another hard day in the life of an actor.

Douglas also sold out Freeman when he said that he as always hungover, and the group shared a laugh while proving that even older men can still act like boys, recounting the times they whipped each other with towels on set.

"Last Vegas" hits theaters today.