MASHUP: Our Movie Blood Splatter Supercut Is Bloody Good

Whether it's excessive and gross, used for comedic effect, or just pouring out of elevators all willy-nilly, blood's everywhere in movies. And with Halloween right around the corner, there couldn't be a better time to sit down and squirm through the best bloody movie moments.

Movie blood has been through a lot, over the years. We've seen it more pink than red, gushing from a hole in the wall. We've seen it in the days when it looked suspiciously close to ketchup, and we've seen it in the true-to-life thick, deep red. But what hasn't changed is the splatter. There's just a certain satisfaction when a movie gets the blood splatter just right.

You'd think that watching movies play with blood would get real old (or gross) real fast, but it's really kind of amazing just how many ways these guys think blood can show up. Sure, shower water turns to blood, chainsaws connecting with flesh, all that stuff. But who thinks of blood coming out of a building's sprinkler system? I mean, honestly.