Bruce Willis Spoofs 'Armageddon' on 'Saturday Night Live'

We've all seen "Armageddon" an ungodly amount of times, only to be left in a pool of tears by the end of the movie when Bruce Willis dies a hero. Thankfully, it's only a movie and — spoiler alert! — Willis is still alive. (It's been 15 years, just Netflix the damn thing already.)

In an alternate universe, a kitty named Fuzz Aldrin may not be so lucky.

This past weekend, Willis hosted "Saturday Night Live" and ridiculed Michael Bay's 1998 film "Armageddon." In the sketch, Willis and his men are on a mission to save planet Earth from an asteroid. Sound familiar? It should. Here's the twist: Kirby (played by Bobby Moynihan), is only concerned with getting back to Earth to give butterfly kisses to his kitty, never mind the fact that he's dating Willis' daughter.

Check out the clip above to see if those butterfly kisses can be considered a mission accomplished.