'Paradise' Exclusive Clip: Thongs Are Out of the Question for Julianne Hough

We all have our undergarment preferences, but for Lamb, Julianne Hough's character in Diablo Cody's "Paradise," it's all granny panties, all the time.

It's not necessarily for comfort, though: The skin grafts taken from the character's rear end after a horrific plane crash necessitate full coverage, or so Lamb preaches in front of her church while giving "testimony" in the clip above, exclusive to NextMovie. Oh, and besides the whole thong thing, Lamb, a lifelong conservative Christian, announces that she no longer believes in God.


In "Paradise," out in theaters October 18 and available already on VOD, Lamb ditches her small Montana town and heads for Sin City in an attempt to, well, sin. When she gets there, she meets William (Russell Brand) and Loray (Octavia Spencer), two Vegas natives who become her spirit animals, guiding her toward misdeeds such as drinking ("I'll have a Schnapp," she declares, then asks for no ice so as not to water down the precious booze) and body art (a tattoo is a tattoo, even if that tattoo is an itty-bitty dot).

Will Lamb find her salvation in Vegas, or is she all out of angels?

"Paradise" is the fourth script from Oscar winner Diablo Cody ("Juno") and her first directorial credit. Nick Offerman and Holly Hunter also star.

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