Twitter's Gonna Start Selling Movie Tickets Soon

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So far, there've been a lot of snazzy movie-related stuffs coming through on Twitter, like our favorite rejected "Bond" titles and Megan Fox just not getting it and even the Vatican getting all Holy "Dark Knight" Batman! on us.

Whether it's directors giving us super-sweet sneak peeks (what up, "Ant-Man"), actors doing random Q&As to keep the virtual world in the know or people being way harsh Tai on their own social platforms, Twitter has made a place for itself as a thing in the world of film promos. And now the bird wants snag a piece of that movie money pie by selling some movie tickets.

Comcast recently put out a press release discussing its plans to incorporate the TV world into tweets — by inserting a little "see it" button on relevant tweets about the various networks' shows — and one little bullet point indicates that tweeters'll be able to "buy theater tickets through Fandango" with the new addition as well.

"Fandango has become the primary way you buy you (sic) movie tickets, and we have heavy interest from movie studios in promoting themselves on Twitter," explained Sam Schwartz, company bigwig, to The Wrap. "There's no reason the 'See It' button couldn't end up next to one of their tweets."

"Without leaving Twitter, your friend or somebody you value recommends a movie, you press 'See It' and you book your movie ticket and never left Twitter," he added.

So, basically, Twitter's gonna start trolling itself for opportunities to insert the little sales button? Greeeeeat. Or is it actually great? You decide. Hit the comments and let us know whether you like the idea or not ... unless you're like this awesome grandma.

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