George Lucas Is 'Constantly' Buzzing with J.J. Abrams Over 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

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If J.J. Abrams thought George Lucas would go quietly into the Tatooine desert night just because Disney now owns his studio, he was sadly mistaken. Or happily, depending.

'Cause according to Lucas' son, the creator of all-things-Jedi is still very much in the mix when it comes to developing "Star Wars: Episode VII," the first installment of the spacey franchise that he's not directing himself.

Lucas is, after all, a walking, talking Force monger encyclopedia of the nerdiest little character and setting deets and pretty much everything far, far away. So, not an intimidating presence for Abrams to manage around at all, right?

Sureeeee, especially not when he's pretty much regarding the series as his own flesh and blood.

Jett Lucas, the human offspring of Papa Ewok, recently revealed that Georgie Porgie had been enjoying a little wheel-turnage — that's him actually writing new installments — shortly before the House of Mouse came in to play the money game. So, while he's trying his best to hand over the series's next episode to the plenty capable J.J. Abrams, he's essentially going through the filmmaker equivalent of Empty Nest Syndrome — calling to check in, offering help and such.

"He was very torn on the matter ... It was like a kid who turned 18 and was ready to leave the house," Little Lucas told Flicks & the City (video interview below) of his dad being hesitant to hand over the vehicle keys for good. "Most every parent I've encountered anyways has wanted to let their children go, but at the same time they're like 'Leave! But I'm gonna hold onto you until you actually leave.' And so I think that's where he's at with that. He's ready to let it go and let it grow."

Even so, he hinted that Lucas set some ground rule "guidelines" for the new gen "Wars" movies at the outset — not too lengthy a leash for the new dog on the block, then — and that he'll keep an eye on the project "as any parent watching their kid go to college would."

"He's constantly talking with J.J., and obviously J.J. was handpicked," he continued. "He is there to guide, whenever, and he will help where he can. But at the same time, he wants to let it go and become its new generation with the new generation of director, everything."

Production is set to kick off in London in January, so we'll see how much distance Abrams really gets once the cameras start rolling.