'Tom Hanks: The Movie' Introduces Captain Forrest Lovell Noland Phillips

Synopsis: A young man is recruited into the armed services after graduation only to be sent straight into the thick jungle of war. There he rescues a fellow soldier from certain peril, but the man's injuries are too severe for him to fulfill his life's dream of travelling to the moon. So, our hero goes it alone and after a mechanical failure on the spaceship, he makes an emergency return to Earth only to find himself stranded on a deserted island. After forging a wooden craft and being saved by a passing barge, he then faces the biggest danger yet ... pirates of the high seas.

That's the plot of "Tom Hanks: The Movie," a clever little mash-up video which streams together the stories in some of Tom Hanks' most pivotal roles ever with his latest, "Captain Phillips."

"Forrest Gump" transitions nicely into "Apollo 13" which easily segues into "Cast Away" — whodathunkit, really — and then it picks up with "Captain Phillips."

Voila! So simple and yet so brill (and oooooooh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Gary Sinise was in both of those movies, too)!

With Tom Hanks' bazillion movie-long filmography at hand, this could become a thing, you know? Like scooch over Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, it's time for some Tom Hanks movie mash-up jammage.

Imagine Jimmy Dugan ("A League of Their Own") trading in his tobacco-spittin' for a stint in the music industry ("That Thing You Do!"), only to have his one major talent fall apart and leave him working as a hitman to make ends meet for his son ("Road to Perdition"). Eventually, he grows tired of the life and decides to go back to community college to start a new life ("Larry Crowne") and meets a pretty girl. They then become big wigs in Texan politics together ("Charlie Wilson's War"). Boom! Easy peasy.

The wheels, they are a-turnin' ...

Meanwhile, "Captain Phillips" hits theaters on Oct. 11 and then Hanks'll make a second run at your ticket money as Walt Disney in "Saving Mr. Banks," which releases Dec. 20.