Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are AdoraBros in Silly Hats

Hey, Patrick Stewart, we have a question for you: What?!

As it turns out, while you were off busy doing other things, sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were off being adorable besties, wearing silly hats and traipsing around New York City making (we assume delighted) strangers take pictures of them being LOLarious. (And no, we're not just talking about PatStew's infamous pizza selfie.)

We were on the ball enough to alert you to this noise, when the knightly duo took a skinny-arm pic with some dude dressed up in an Elmo costume in Times Square...

elmo magneto professor x

...but there's been so much more going on since then. Such as:

This nonsense, eating treats at Nathan's in Coney Island:


On Twitter, Stewart succinctly captioned the pic "Nathan's!"

Then there's this lovely reminder of Magneto and Professor X's Big Adventure:


"Coney Souvenir!" tweets Stewart. Thanks, Patrick.

Picture of Stewart and McKellen cheesin' in front of a pile of actual garbage? You got it!


"Rubbish!" Stewart captioned, we imagine while he gleefully rubbed his little hands together and was fed pizza by his wife.

And having their own little "Sleepless in Seattle" moment on top of the Empire State Building:


"Empire State!" Yes, Patrick.

What delights will the adorable New York City adventures of Stewart, McKellen and their whimsical bowlers bring us next? Only time will tell!