'The Town' Lines That Could Also Be Used in Affleck's Whitey Bulger Movie

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One of Ben Affleck's first I'm-a-serious-filmmaker-now-so-stop-making-fun-of-"Gigli"-already efforts was 2010's "The Town," a heisty movie with a few feels and lots of fun quotables.

Affleck co-wrote the scripts for both "The Town" and his directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone" alongside fellow Boston-lover-slash-apparent-crime-scene-aficionado Aaron Stockard — who, back then, was only barely IMDb-worthy for his production assistant status on "Good Will Hunting."

According to Deadline, this little dream team is now set up for a third go-round at the writer's table for Warner Bros.' Whitey Bulger pic (ya know, after he handles s**t in the Batcape for a while for the same studio).

Whitey Bulger, of course, is the famed Boston crime boss who ducked the fuzz for almost two decades before finally being snatched up in California and thrown in the slammer. Affleck's take is but one of several projects currently developing around the notorious Bulger, but since Johnny Depp recently dropped out of the one ("Black Mass") which seemed most ready to go, it's now lingering in movie-making limbo, leaving plenty of room for Warner Bros. to scooch in with this one.

And the real perk of having Affleck re-team with Stockard for this take, which will reportedly focus on Bulger's very recent incarceration and the "aftermath," is that they've already got a few transplantable quotes in place right there in "The Town." For real! Efficiency is key, people.

So just for funzies, we went ahead and meme'd some of those famous "Town"ie zingers that just might make a smooth transition into the Bulger-centric pic. 'Cause why not.

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