'Need for Speed' Trailer: Aaron Paul Breaks Bad with Race Cars

Do you feel the need? The "Need for Speed"? If not, you're about to ... maybe.

Peep this first, explosiony trailer for Scott Waugh's adaptation of EA's popular video game series featuring Tobey Marshall ("Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul), a street racer and struggling garage owner who gets framed for manslaughter by a yuppie former NASCAR driver named Dino (Dominic Cooper) and has payback on the brain once he's finally let out from the yard.

Marshall's got himself a rag tag team of loyal associates and a little help from a car broker Julia (Imogen Poots) along the way as he enters the big De Leon race to get back at the bad guy du jour. Problem is, Mr. Meanie gets wind of his release and puts a price tag on poor Tobey's head, so his journey to the finish line's gonna have a lot more obstacles than usual.

The good news is that there are some pretty cool, video game-y landscapes to trek through, like this greenish garage place ...

Need for Speed

... and this lush mountain beach area ...

Need for Speed trailer

The important thing to note is that this here is an underdog story — kinda like whatever's going on with Jesse Pinkman and the final episodes of Season 5, ack! — but unlike many others, "Need for Speed" isn't exactly pretending there's no formula to this plot line. In fact, the voice over might just give it all away.

"They took everything from me. I do not fear for you are with me," it reads. "All those who defied me shall be ashamed and disgraced. Those who wage war against me shall perish. I will find strength, find guidance, and I will triumph."

There wasn't a spoiler alert or anything!

"Need for Speed" hits theaters on March 14, 2014. While it might not be the most original movie ever made, it does seem pretty effective. Plus, Aaron Paul ... b***h.