'Dom Hemingway' Trailer: It's All About the Money, Money, Money

Any perp who spends a dozen years in prison for keeping lips zipped about the operation's head honcho probably anticipates a little reward action to go down once he's ditched that orange jumpsuit. It's only fair that so much loyalty begets a smooth taste of the high life, right? But as the internet hilariously warns us all, expectation and reality are often two very different things, as with Jude Law's titular safecracker in "Dom Hemingway."

As you can see in this first trailer for the pic, debuted at Digital Spy, his boss (Demián Bichir) does pass him a few fat stacks of cash for his discretion once he and his bestie (Richard E. Grant) make way to collect, but then he gets banged up in a car accident and taken by a conveniently there femme fatale sort (Mădălina Diana Ghenea), and suddenly that loot is gone, son.

So what's a guy to do when he's back on the streets after a long stint in the joint with no cash to his name? Go harass his long-lost family, of course!

He's got a daughter (Emilia Clarke) who seems just thrilled by his drunken arrival out of the blue, and she's got a little boy who likely has no idea why this fool keeps calling himself "Grandpa" all of a sudden.

If you saw the first poster for "Dom Hemingway," you've probably already figured out that this movie is pretty off the wall.

Dom Hemingway Poster

But it's not just a pic filled with a** shots of Jude Law and excessive use of the word "money," either. As the audiences at this year's Toronto International Film Festival learned, this movie is a violent and hysterical ride steered by a captain who isn't exactly the lovable sort.

"Dom Hemingway" hits theaters on April 4, 2014.