This Happened: Magneto and Professor X Kick It With Elmo

elmo magneto professor x

Raise your hand if the above picture isn't the very greatest thing you've ever seen. If you're not raising your hand, get out. You're a liar and we're ashamed to say we even know you. Go on, get. Skedaddle.

Now that those folks are gone, can we talk about how great this is? "X-Men Days of Future Past" co-stars Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart put on some silly circus hats, went to Times Square and took a picture with someone dressed up in an Elmo suit. Can we call the thingy around Ian McKellen's neck a cravat? Is that what that is? The best thing about this is that it's not even the strangest thing about the photo. Please consider Sir McKellan's sassy skinny arm pose, the Elmo's crossed eyes and Stewart's seeming willingness to go along with all this. He's Professor X, man. He's got things to do and ball pits to play in.

So go forward into your weekends with this much more faith in humanity because things like this can still happen in the world.