Ugh, New 'Star Wars' Movies Set to Be Origin Stories

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Back when Disney bought out Lucasfilm with the intention of making "Star Wars: Episode VII" and beyond, the news was met with a heaping pile of skepticism. So much (understandable) vitriol and snark. But then once some of the original castmembers were wrangled back in and J.J. Abrams, giant fanboy-slash-sick director that he is, was tapped to lead the Warsian charge, well, attitudes shifted a bit toward excitement and intrigue.

Today's news might just earn a new hiss or two from the crowd, though.

Per Variety, Walt Disney's CFO Jay Rasulo addressed the financial state of the Mickey Mouse Club studio yesterday and touched on the subject of its intergalactic buyout.

According to him, Disney plans to kick things off in a big way with "Episode VII" so as to make the movie releases an annual thing (overkill much?), and here's the real kicker: at least some of those yearly roll-outs are intended to be "origin story" pics.

Um, 'cause those prequels were such a great idea?

Facepalming we are.

See, the studio wants to make "Star Wars" the next "Avengers"-esque big moneymakin' deal by way of merchandising and such — a plan which may even see Yoda & Co. make it into the theme park scene and even housewares one day (are your eyes rolling yet?).

"The sky's the limit," Rasulo said. "There's incredible flexibility. It's an unbelievable palette to create from ... We will lay the groundwork for that ... and when the film comes out in 2015, we'll be ready to blow it out."

So, prepare for the dark side raining "Star Wars" merch everyone.

The semi-good news here is that Rasulo said Disney intends to have J.J. Abrams put out "a great film" — albeit one with a firmer budget thanks to that "The Lone Ranger" floppery — with "Star Wars: Episode VII" before the onslaught of massive piles of stuff to buy starts to come through. It's just everything after the first new film's release that sounds a little screwy.