Weekly Movie Math: And Then There Were Two

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Consider it the calm before the storm: This weekend, only two new wide releases are gracing the big screens. While your days off this week may find you twiddling your thumbs and heading to Netflix to fill in all the extra minutes that the two lonely features leave free (anyone who doesn't spend every available second of their weekend watching movies baffles us), come November and the bow of awards season, you'll yearn for these uncrowded weekends.

Your mother always said that math would be important, you just didn't know it would apply to your weekly movie selections. Now is the time to study up on your movie math equations, because the final exam isn't that far off. Whether you can't get enough of Robert De Niro's comic turn as a hitman under witness protection in "The Family" or you loved "Insidious" and can't wait to get insidious-er with "Insidious Chapter 2," we've broken it all down into simple arithmetic for you.

The Family

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Insidious Chapter 2