'Homefront' Trailer: Jason Statham Vs. James Franco

Hurry and check the weather report to see if there are pigs flying about today because this is one movie matching you might never ever have expected to see otherwise.

In "Homefront," the first trailer for which has dropped today at Yahoo! MoviesJason Statham (a.k.a. the dude who does not shift from his butt-kicking on-screen persona ... ever) stars as a former DEA agent who tries to make cozy new digs for himself and his kid in Nowheresville, USA but quickly finds himself smack dab in the middle of a seedy meth ring run by James Franco l'artiste.

To repeat: that's Jason Statham and James Franco together. In a movie. Just wait, it gets better (read: so much worse).

So, everything's hunky dory in the two-horse town until the guy's daughter beats the sh*t out of some school bully whose mommy (Kate Bosworth) then rages out and sends Franco the gator-tatted enforcer by the house to give him some trouble with a crowbar. And that's when he conveniently happens across a file proving that Statham's guy is in with the fuzz (no, we're not making this up) and things get real sticky.

Suddenly the whole town — including Winona Ryder as a strung out abductress — has turned against him and he's forced to, you know, start whooping everyone's tails with guns and bare fists and fast trucks, you name it.

It's exactly the kind of thing you might expect from Statham and screenwriter Sylvester Stallone ("The Expendables"), but Franco? Well, we guess after "Spring Breakers" pretty much anything goes with him anymore, yeah?

So, prepare to see the inevitable Franco a** stomp as delivered by Statham when "Homefront" hits theaters on Nov. 27. 'Cause judging by this trailer, it's a-comin'.

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