'The Little Mermaid' Re-release to Feature iPad Glares and Squealing Children

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If all you wanna do is mouth along with the hot crustacean band sounds of "Under the Sea" in peace and quiet in a sufficiently darkened theater space, well, you might wanna just make a blanket fort at home and skip Disney's theatrical re-release stint of "The Little Mermaid" altogether.

'Cause for some reason, Disney's decided that it'd be a totally grrrrrrrreat idea to have children playing along with their iPads during the screenings and has built a custom app to help encourage that.

Consider yourself warned.

Per Vulture, the kiddies will be invited to download a Disney device app called Second Screen Live and play along with little games synched to the film, competitions (which are just sure to upset some of the little ones who've not yet learned about good sportsmanship) and ... this may be the worst bit yet ... even little word prompters so that the tykes can sing along out loud with the movie.

Imagine the most tone deaf session of karaoke you ever heard and then multiply it by two hundred 'cause that's what we suspect it'll be like.

Being among the adult audience on that one's a real good way to become one of Ursula's "Poor Unfortunate Souls" alright.

Here's a little preview that does not exactly make this concept look any more enticing.

"The Little Mermaid" re-hits theaters, equipped with rampant glare-age and squeaky kiddos, on Sept. 20.