It's a Movie! 'Jurassic Park IV' Finally Gets a Name and Birthday

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As if resurrecting some of the largest and deadliest species of animals the world has ever known solely for human entertainment didn't already prove to be a bad idea three times over in the "Jurassic Park" trilogy, well, it looks like someone in the fictional world might be ready to give dino displaying an all-new go theme parky go.

'Cause Universal Pictures has announced that its much-fussed "Jurassic Park IV" installment has finally got a name and updated release date — "Jurassic World," hitting theaters in 3D on June 21, 2015 — and unless we're suffering from some Hump Day-inspired delusions, that sure does sound like the name of some tourist hotspot-to-be, no?

You'd think the science geeks of the "Jurassic World" world would've thrown in the prehistoric towel after all the terrifying things that happened in the "Jurassic Park" experiment gone wrong.

Like that time when a T-Rex was hungry for some children all "fee-fi-fo-fum"-style.

Or basically any time the Velociraptors barked at each other while on the hunt for tasty human treats (although the barking is kinda less scary now that we know how those, um, sound effects were captured).

But who knows? Maybe this is some time travel-y stuff or a "Night at the Museum"-esque toothy awakening story. At this point, it's all just conjecture because the studio's keeping the plot details on "Jurassic World" under strict lock and key (for now).

What we do know is that this fourth "Jurassic Park" installment was originally expected to launch on June 13, 2014 with "Safety Not Guaranteed" director Colin Trevorrow holding the paleontology brush at the helm. But then just a month or so before the film was expected to commence shooting, someone from Trevorrow's crew got all weepy-like on Twitter because the project was put on sudden hold and delayed indefinitely over some script complications.

The bum-out session didn't last too long, though, because the studio quickly promised to get the thing ready to go by 2015, and with today's news it looks like they are indeed making good on that.

Now all they've gotta do it is cast it, film it, get on the inevitably effects-heavy post-production process and brave the hefty summer marketplace for 2015 which already includes "The Avengers: Age of Ultron," "Batman Vs. Superman," "Marvel's Ant-Man," "Independence Day 2," "Star Wars: Episode VII" and more. So, the work's pretty much cut out for Trevorrow & Co. now ... but at least it's still happening.

"Jurassic World," yeah! Roar and such!

Anyway, now we turn it over to the trusty Twitterverse, which per usual has shelled out a few nuggets of on-point brilliance.

All we really have to say now is, "hold onto your butts" everybody.

UPDATE: Thanks to the cool kids at Shock Till You Drop we now have a nifty little pitch trailer for "Jurassic World," featuring a pair of surfer-gobbling pterodactyls, which was rolled out by concept designer Iain McCaig during a German "Star Wars" convention. And while the vid scene is supposedly "not part of the movie," it's still a fun glimpse behind the curtain on this thing.