Mysterious J.J. Abrams Project Turns Out to Be...A Book.

Well, okay. Guess we're all going to have to learn to read now.

As it turns out, that creepy effing trailer for some J.J. Abrams/Bad Robot project, "Stranger," with the guy with his mouth sewn shut and dragging himself out of nasty pond water that we saw a while back? We got a second trailer today, and everything was rolling down the same creepy, mouth-sewn-shut, scummy pond road with added typewriter and voiceover intrigue. The end of the trailer directs us to, which we eagerly clicked. When the page loaded, we saw that it was...


With, like, pages. That you have to turn. And letters. To read. It's like a foreign movie, but without moving pictures. How is a person supposed to digest a thing like this?

In our case, not very gracefully, we guess.

The book, which is a badass-looking hardcover bearing the title "S." is the product of the minds of both Abrams and award-winning writer Doug Dorst. The book, on sale October 29 and available for pre-order now, apparently follows the story of a young woman who picks up a book and is drawn in by the previous reader's annotations, leaving margin notes of her own. The other note writer (both of them an orderly librarian's nightmare, surely) begins a conversation with her. There's also something spoooOOOooooOOOoooky going on with the mysterious author of the book itself.

It reminds us of Abrams' celebrated TV show, "LOST," in book form. Are we going to find out what the Smoke Monster is in the last chapter?

Abrams conceived the story and Dorst penned it, which makes sense, since we hear Abrams has his hands a little full with all that "Star Wars" business. One would assume.