'Magic Mike 2': Channing All Over Jamie Foxx's Tatum?

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Since Steven Soderbergh seems to be serious about that whole "I'm outta the directing game" beeswax, Channing Tatum is now eyeballing "Magic Mike 2" for his directorial debut.

And given how close, personal and sometimes even weird he and Jamie Foxx got during all their "White House Down"ing, he totally wants to see his generally dapper co-star bare some buns for the big screen in it.

Yep, Tatum's planning to take his turn in the director's buttwarmer seat for the saucy stripper sequel, with a 'lil assistance from Soderbergh as director of photography (which Tatum likens to "having sex with your girlfriend while her porn-star ex-boyfriend is in the room watching you"), and he's been impressed enough by all Jamie Foxx's daring dance moves throughout their "WHD" promo tour ...

... that he extended an unofficial offer for Foxx to get foxy-like in his movie during Alan Carr's British talk show "Chatty Man."

"Just to give you a little flash forward," Tatum teased about the film, "I'm hoping to have Jamie Foxx in 'Magic Mike 2.'"

Notice that while Mr. Foxx kept his lips sealed, he did offer up an awesome nonverbal response that totally seems to both say yes and offer up a little preview of his moves to come, no?

Even Channing had to Tatum out a wink for that one.

Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx

According to Tatum, "Magic Mike 2" will be a "road-trip movie ... crazy and fun and less slice-of-life" and that does sound an awful lot like someone we know ...

Jamie Foxx as Prince in In Living Color BUtt-Out Jeans

How very bromantic ... So, let's start tossing around some potential naughty nicknames now, shall we? And, yes, anything involving the term "foxxy" is too obvious, so don't even bother.