Surprise (Not)! Will Smith Is Considering 'Independence Day 2' Now

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Either Will Smith's considering some kind of pay cut (perhaps thanks to that "After Earth" failness) or director Roland Emmerich is finally ready to pony up to get some of that Big Willy Style all in it for "Independence Day 2."

'Cause last we'd heard, Emmerich wasn't very interested in having Smith jump back into that flight suit or "ID2" since Smith is, in his words, "too expensive" and "too much of a marquee name."

But now he's singing a totally different tune about the man who helped make his '96 alien actioner sequel-worthy in the first place.

Speaking to Digital Spy about his box office disaster pic "White House Down," Emmerich backtracked quite a bit from his former analysis of the Fresh Prince.

"It's changing every month because to put a sequel together of that magnitude is an enormous undertaking. I sometimes say, 'No, Will Smith not be in it' because he didn't want to do it at first, and now we have kind of a meeting planned, where we want to talk about it again, so anything can happen, you know?" he said.

If Smith were to return as the fast-talking pilot who helped trick down the first wave of earth invaders, he'd probably wanna be the lead because WILL SMITH, but he wouldn't be the only returnee from the original cast. Bill Pullman is also expected come back as the presumably now former President, while Jeff Goldblum is ready to nerd it up again as well.

In related news, while "Independence Day 2" — the first of two planned "ID" sequels — was set to hit theaters on July 3, 2015, Emmerich now suspects it'll probably more like 2016 before this thing blasts into theaters ('cause maybe he's gotta go and rewrite the whole bleeding script to make sure Smith's Captain Hiller is back in the big seat).