In Charlie Hunnam We Thrust: NSFW Proof That He's Good for 'Fifty Shades'

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Chances are, when you think of the newly-crowned lead in "Fifty Shades of Grey" Charlie Hunnam, your mind immediately goes to leather, bikes and beards a la "Sons of Anarchy" because that show's what's made him a somebody in the States. With only that in mind, it's no wonder fans are raising the petition pitchforks over Hunnam taking the reins — both proverbially and literally in some instances — for "Fifty Shades."

But like his sex slave-to-be leading lady Dakota Johnson, Mr. Hunnam's also got a little screen history of gettin' down and dirty, especially when you look at his old semi-voyeuristic work on the U.K. TV series "Queer As Folk."

Here we boil down a few of his most relevant hot and heavy moments from "Q.A.F." to give you a gander at some of Hunnam's humina humina-ness before he goes and suits up as your favorite naughty billionaire Christian Grey.

Warning: This is totally NSFW, people.

First, he can handle taking control ...

Charlie Hunnam Queer as Folk GIF

If Hunnam's gonna be even remotely effective as Christian Grey, he's gotta have that take-charge attitude the little Miss Steele digs so much. But not to worry about that because as he proved in this scene, Hunnam can definitely be aggressive and upper hand-y when he needs to be.

... Oh, and he can commit to the dirty alright.

Charlie Hunnam Queer as Folk GIF

If your concern is whether Charlie Hunnam can muscle through the most eyebrow-raising moments in "Fifty Shades," well, try and watch even a single episode of the U.K. edition of "Queer As Folk" and see if you don't pop a blush to answer that question. As this scene and pretty much all the rest of his prove, he'll have absolutely no trouble getting frisky for the camera.

... But he can play it sweet now and then, too.

Charlie Hunnam Queer as Folk GIF

Once in a while, even Mr. Grey has to put the whip away and be semi-sweet, right? Well, it looks like Hunnam can pull that one (pun intended) off as well. Check out this cute moment when he's obviously just so excited to cuddle with his beau.

He can be a giver when the time comes ...

Charlie Hunnam Queer as Folk GIF

Christian Grey likes to call the shots, sure, but he isn't always on the receiving end, so to speak. And Hunnam's already had some considerable experience being, uhhh, generous with his gifts, as with this little moment.

Basically he can do steamy, okay?

Charlie Hunnam Queer As Folk

So, how about a hot shower scene to quell any lingering doubts you may have over whether Hunnam's equipped for the job of making you go ooh la la?

Satisfied yet?

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