Is Jack Nicholson Retiring?

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Come to think of it, we guess we haven't really heard news about Jack Nicholson accepting any new roles lately. Could the 76-year-old actor be hanging up his acting hat for good?

That's exactly what a report at RadarOnline, citing comments from an anonymous "well-placed Hollywood film insider," claims.

"There is a simple reason behind his decision — it’s memory loss," the source claimed. "Quite frankly, at 76, Jack has memory issues and can no longer remember the lines being asked of him. His memory isn't what it used to be."

Before you go running to Nicholson's IMDb page to freak out when you realize that his last acting credit was in 2010's "How Do You Know," there's yet another source to take into consideration, one denying the retirement story.

Maria Shriver told E! News that Nicholson has no plans to retire, and that he's not experiencing trouble with his memory. Breathe easy, Nicholheads. (That's a name we just made up.)

According to itv, in fact, another unnamed source says ol' Jack is "actively reading scripts and is looking forward to his next project."

With bated breath, we wonder when he'll make his grand reentrance onto the scene. A sequel to "Last Vegas," perhaps?

NextMovie has contacted Nicholson's reps for comment, and will update when we hear back.