'Ass Backwards' Trailer: Funny Ladies Claiming Their Rightful Crown

Step aside, toddlers. It's the grown-ups' turn to wear the tiara, now.

In the trailer for "Ass Backwards," Casey Wilson and June Diane Raphael play aged-up former pageant girls Kate and Chloe, women who fancy themselves Carrie Bradshaw-style New York go-getters but are, in reality, egg donors who are being judged hard by Alicia Silverstone (hi, Alicia! Loved you in "Clueless"!).

When an invitation to return to the pageant they competed in as little girls comes, the two have a chance to reclaim their former glory. Er, glory may not be the greatest word for it, as Silverstone's character points out; they came in dead last even as kids. Always something to be said for second chances!

EW.com premiered the poster, featuring Wilson and Raphael in their full glitzed-out glory, yesterday, along with comments from the stars.

"We took to the streets — and by the streets we mean a downtown LA quinceanera shop — to procure the best dresses I have ever seen," Raphael said. "The look we were kind of going for is like crazy Toddlers and Tiaras-type little girl dresses, and you know, luckily for us those are also quinceanera dresses, they are one and the same."

"Ass Backwards," which also stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Jon Cryer, Brian Geraghty, Bob Odenkirk, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Paul Scheer, Sandy Martin and Lea DeLaria, will premiere on VOD Sept. 30, and will be released in some theaters Nov. 8.