Weekly Movie Math: Mom Brought A Stripper Home

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Your mother always told you math would be important, you just didn't think it would apply to making your picks of what new movies to catch this weekend.

Luckily, NextMovie has you covered with our weekly movie math, breaking down the week's new releases to help you decide exactly what you're interested in seeing. And even luckier for you, this is a long weekend, which just means more time to spend in the theater.

This week, whether you're hankering for a stripper helping a depressed subruban mom find her truth ("Afternoon Delight"), two hours of Selena Gomez on a dashboard cam ("Getaway") or yet another movie that'll make you want to throw away your cell phone ("Closed Circuit"), there's something out there for you. Read on for this week's equations.

July 28

Closed Circuit

Film.com's review of "Closed Circuit"

July 30


Film.com's review of "Getaway"

One Direction: This Is Us

Afternoon Delight

The Lifeguard

Film.com's review of "The Lifeguard"