Sylvester Stallone Movie Turns to Kickstarter to Finish

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Ah, Hollywood people problems. As you probably know, film investors rarely have a household name outside of the biz the way that the stars and most esteemed directors do, but it's their stacks of cash that make the production world go 'round. Actors are replaceable, and — as we saw with the wild west that was the set of "Jane Got a Gun" — even directors come and go. But the money people, they are the clutch and if they pull the plug, well, it's quittin' time for everybody.

But "Reach Me" director John Herzfeld, with the help of his long-time pal and central star Sylvester Stallone, aims to finish what he started on this passion project and raise the funds needed to make up for what a runaway investor has lost them by way of a Kickstarter campaign.

Sly himself helped put together a video promoting their cause, and as it happens, Stallone has a soft spot for Herzfeld's dilemma because of his own struggles in getting his eventual triple Oscar-winner "Rocky" off the ground so many years ago.

"It's really an amazing movie," the action star gushed of the drama film, in which he has a supporting role. "I know I've never been better. I'm telling the truth."

The ensemble drama also features Thomas Jane, Kyra Sedgwick, Cary Elwes, Kelsey Grammer, Ryan Kwanten, Terry Crews, Lauren Cohan, Kevin Connolly, Tom Berenger and Tom Sizemore (or as Sly puts it, "every star in the sky") and follows a group of people who find themselves connected by way of a self-help book written by a hermit-like former football coach.

While the investor pull-out on "Reach Me" shorted the team several millions mid-way through shooting, they were able get what they needed to complete filming by way of a last-minute loan swing. Now, all Herzfeld needs is a quarter mil to complete the post-production end and additional photography.

For a grand, backers can come on the set while an additional scene is filmed and for a measly $10k (who doesn't have that kinda cash sitting around for just this occasion?), a guy can get a walk-on role with a line during the extra shooting days.

Hit Kickstarter for more details ... 'cause Sly said so.